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Our Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Why Should I Learn Salesforce Development
Lightning experience:
  • Introduction to Lightning Experience
  • Common business issues faced by companies today.
  • Lightning Component Framework
  • Introduction to aura framework
  • How to enable and disable Lightning Experience for your organization.
  • Migration from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa.
  • Creation of custom and dealing with standard objects.
  • Deep dive in to different types of fields and their usage.
  • Working on validation rules on fields.
  • Working on record types and their significance.
  • Working on page layouts and their customization.
  • Dealing with field level security and its accessibility.
  • Working on using one object in another or junction objects.
Debugging in lightning experience:
  • Debugging of custom lightning components.
Using Static resources in lightning component:
  • Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource
Static Resources
  • What is Static Resource?
  • Steps for Creating Static Resource
  • Stylesheet Creation using Static Resource
Using Static resources in lightning component:
  • Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource
  • What is CSS?
  • Types of CSS
Lightening Resources
  • Creation of Lightning Resource using Console
  • Lightning Application
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Interface
  • Lightning Event
Lightning Component Bundle:
  • Deep analysis on lightning component bundle.
Component IDs:
  • Local Ids
  • Global Ids
  • $Label
  • $Locale
  • $Resource
  • Designing in lightning experience
Tabs and App launcher:
  • Creating the lightning tabs for custom pages custom objects.
  • Creating the custom lightning apps and making them available for app launcher.
  • Customizing the utility bar of the apps.
  • Lightning app menu.
  • Deep diving in to the lightning apps.
Lightning Development:
  • Development of lightning components for the front end.
  • Development of lightning apps.
  • Embedding of lightning components in to apps.
  • Accessing the apex methods from lightning components.
  • Working on complete front end lightning component customizations.
Lightning Actions:
  • Creating the lightning Actions (custom and default).
  • launching flows from lightning actions.
Visual Force Pages
  • Using lightning components in visual force pages.
  • Calling VF from lightning components.
DML Operations
  • CRUD operations using the lightning components.
  • CRUD operations using LDS (lightning design system).
Apex Coding
  • Working on different types of Apex class methods.
  • Apex Batch classes.
  • Apex Triggers.
  • Working on Apex Test Classes.
  • Working on Process Builders.
  • Visual Flows and its enhancements (in lightning experience).
  • Flows
  • Workflows

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